Due to the technique of Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis I only offer this service One-on-One via a Zoom

One-on-One Sound Healing Via Zoom

with Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis (SCHH) For non SCHH Sound Healing – Click Here!

Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis is a Technique developed by Clinical Hypnotherapist (Dip.Hyp HPD MNCH MPLTA) and Psychotherapist (Dip.Psych Dip.NLP) Laura Whitworth https://schhofficial.com/

This incredilbe technique not only focuses on Past Life Regression, but also deals with removing Entity or Energetic Attachments that prevent Clients living Normal and Happy Lives.

This is profound and life-changing work. Most of the world doesn’t even know these things exist, yet following sessions nearly all clients realise the things that may have been holding them back in this life weren’t necessarily them, but attachments and negative thought forms (sometimes known as the Monkey Mind) like sub-conscious programmes running in the background and quite frankly, holding people back and sometimes causing Chaos within peoples lives.

I quickly realised following my SCHH training that my purpose involved using SCHH in a slightly different way, which was to place the client into the Theta Brainwave state using Hypnosis and performing deep sound healing on a sub-concious level, realligning the Chakras, Energetic Centres and Auric Field in allignment using Angelic Sound and Tones in combination with the Clients and my Higher-Self.

This works especially well online as I can connect with the Client using a Microphone and Headset, removing any backround noise and sending the Higher Frequencies directly to the client with little to no interference!

This is like Sound Healing x1million! to my knowledge I’m the only person combining these 2 unique modalities of healing.

Clients report feeling a mixture and combination of immense relief, Quantum Travel Experiences, Higher Self Connection, clarity of thought and a sense of spiritual connection following sessions.

Online Sessions Last Approximately 2.5 Hours and involve the following.

  • 40 minute introduction to review paperwork and hopes for the session, this also helps me to focus on any specific areas or energy points within the body.
  • 1.5 hour Sound Healing session under SCHH Hypnosis, entering the client into Theta State and working with their Higher Self to Identify Any Healing that needs to be done.
  • I bring in my Higher Aspects, combining my Voice, Sacred Tones and Light Langauge to clear and move any density within the body from the Root to the Crown and beyond.
  • I seal all Chakras, Energetic Gaps and the clients Auric Field.
  • 20 minutes… Bringing you out of Hypnosis, Discussing the Experience
  • ALL Sessions are Video / Audio Recorded at the Clients Request

Each Session is Unique, I connect with your Higher Self to provide a custom Sound Healing. It’s like a one-person show from the Angelic realm bringing through what needs to be brought through to give the most effective healing for that moment. It’s Higher Aspect Teamwork!

Here’s a short audio example from the very beginning of a session, focusing on the Root Chakra. (Best to listen with Headphones, as per the session!)

Root Chakra Angelic Sound Healing

You can Pre-Book Your Sound Healing Soul Healing Hypnosis Session Below by Paying a Small Deposit, we will then decide the best date and time for your session (I will respond very quickly and we will arrange your session within weeks of the booking)

If you’d prefer to see if I’m available for a specific time or date that suits you, feel free to get in-contact via email first! mikebee1980@yahoo.co.uk

PLEASE NOTE, this is NOT traditional SCHH or Past Life Regression!

This is a completely different type of Quantum Sound Healing Journey, if you’re strictly after Past Life Regression please see Laura’s website link above for a list of local and online practicioners.