I’m aware that Christmas is upon us! (wow…)

Which seems strange! In preperation for what’s ALWAYS a busy time of year I’ve added a crazy discount option for 4 or 8 hour Voucher of Guitar Lessons for however suits you!

This can be used before Christmas or Afterwards and I have space in the diary during the day and evening. As long as you’re an English speaker, we can do this!

You can book all lesson options Online Via my Sister Site or Contact me via Whatsapp or Email if you want to discuss further!

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Step into my, guitar shaped, Virtual office!

(I also offer Beginners Ukulele Lessons to get players started!)

Unleash Your Inner Guitar Legend with Mike Bee!

With over two decades of experience within the world of music, Mike Bee stands as a unique and individual talent, making his mark as a professional guitarist, session player, singer-songwriter, and highly respected musician. Mike’s rich musical journey has taken him from the heart of Warrington to stages across the UK, Europe, America, and more recently Turkey.

Teaching Experience

With over 15 years of teaching experience, including 4 years of nurturing young talents in Primary Schools, Mike’s expertise is your gateway to guitar mastery. Whether you’re seeking regular lessons, one-off sessions, aspiring to become a working musician, or simply looking to play for fun, Mike can help you achieve your goals and unlock your full musical and guitar potential!

Musical Accomplishments

Today, Mike is a prominent figure in the band ‘Yogi G and the Family Tree,’ where he collaborates with industry legend Gaz Whelan (Happy Mondays Drummer and Founder) and has shared the limelight with iconic acts like Ian Brown, The Charlatans, Black Grape, The Fun Lovin Criminals to name a few. He continues to release his own material under the name ‘Last Bee on Earth / Solar Kantari’

Lesson Style / Atmosphere

Mike’s teaching approach transcends the ordinary. Each lesson is a harmonious blend of fun, information, and practicality, fostering your creative spirit and elevating your playing experience.

His lessons span a wide array of genres, including the magic of Rock, the soul of Blues, the groove of Indie, all seamlessly translated to both Acoustic and Electric Guitar.

He tailors each lesson to match your unique interests and learning style. His approach is fun, informative, and practical, allowing you to unleash your creativity and enjoy the journey of playing guitar.

He distills the art of guitar into discrete modules covering essential topics, techniques, and foundational knowledge, while always leaving room for you to learn your favourite song, topic or question.

But there’s more. Mike is your guide to unraveling your own unique playing style, exploring the depths of guitar theory, mastering the craft of songwriting, and building the confidence to command the stage. His adaptability caters to every learning style, and he supplies regular documentation and audio examples to supercharge your musical odyssey.

Age Range

No matter your age, the guitar’s allure is timeless! From 8 to 88 and beyond, Mike’s expertise extends to all.

His remarkable experience in Adult and Primary School education equips him to empower learners of every age and personality. A large number of his students are adults who have recently taken up the guitar or wished to expand their knowledge and playing even further.

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Lesson Plans / Price

1 x 30 Minute Lessons : £20

1 x 45 Minute Lessons : £25

1 x 1 Hour Lessons : £30

4 x 1 Hour Lessons (Special Bulk Discount) : £100

8 x 1 Hour Lessons (Special Bulk Discount!) : £200